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To SUGS: Grace Haller

Grace Haller is a first-year master’s student in ME. Here, she blogs about her transition from undergrad to grad school through the University’s Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies (SUGS) program.

Just Declared: Madelyn Hoffhines

Madelyn Hoffhines is a U-M sophomore who recently declared her major in mechanical engineering. Here, she blogs about her journey to the department, why she chose mechanical engineering, and how she came to find community among her peers.

Dr. Janet Ellzey delivers 2023 Michael Korybalski Distinguished Lecture

Ellzey’s lecture, titled “Humanitarian Engineering: Educating Bold, Responsible, and Innovative Leaders,” focused on humanitarian engineering, the application of engineering solutions to low-income or marginalized communities, a growing field in the US and worldwide.

4 Tips to thrive in your undergrad

We gathered the top tips for undergraduates from a recent event where current students discussed their challenges with recent alumni.

Going Beyond ME: Lucy Spicher

ME PhD candidate, Lucy Spicher, spent the past summer in Southern India with the Global Health Design Initiative. Putting her ME knowledge to work, Lucy conducted a clinical needs assessment at a healthcare center for physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Going Beyond ME: Saima Jamal

Saima Jamal has spent the past eight months in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, at the Goddard Space Flight Center, and in Washington, D.C., exploring the multidisciplinary work open to a mechanical engineer in the space industry.