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Alauddin Ahmed

Alauddin Ahmed

Assistant Research Scientist, Mechanical Engineering


3580 GGB
2350 Hayward, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Phone: (734) 763-8682

Research Interests

Applications: Energy storage (e.g., hydrogen, thermal, natural gas), battery (e.g., electrolytes, manufacturing); Materials: Nanoporous materials (e.g., metal organic frameworks, covalent organic frameworks), metal oxides, metal hydrides, energetic materials, small molecules, nanoporous composites; Methods: Applied machine learning & AI, Ab initio & density functional theory (DFT), Monte Carlo & molecular dynamics, high-throughput computing, materials by design; Developments: Methods for interpretable machine learning, algorithm for predicting thermophysical properties of chemical compounds.

Research Areas

Energy, Manufacturing, Mechanics & Materials, Multi-scale Computation

Faculty Type


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Alauddin Ahmed, Assistant Research Scientist in Mechanical Engineering, was awarded a Carbon Neutrality Acceleration Program grant by the Graham Sustainability Institute at U-M for his project on pulling carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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