Arvind Atreya

Arvind Atreya
Professor, Mechanical Engineering


Professor Atreya is not taking on new MS/PhD students at this time. He has asked that prospective students do not email him. (


GGB (George G. Brown Laboratory)

2350 Hayward 
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2125

(734) 647-4790


Ph.D., Engineering Sciences, Harvard University, 1983
S.M., Engineering Sciences, Harvard University, 1978
M.Sc.E, Mechanical Engineering, University of New Brunswick, 1977
B.Tech., Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, 1975

Research Interests

**NOT TAKING MSE/PHD STUDENTS** Combustion; fire; heat and mass transfer; energy conservation; fire suppression; diffusion flame ignition and extinction under microgravity conditions; soot and NOx formation and oxidation in diffusion flames; flame spread; diesel engine combustion.

Honors and Awards

Arthur B. Guise Medal, SFPE, 2017
31st International Symposium on Combustion, Distinguished Paper Award, 2007
Invited Speaker, "High Temperature Industrial Furnace Based on Radiative Homogeneous Combustion for Improved Efficiency and Reduced Emissions", TMS 2006 Annual Meeting, 2006
Colloquium Speaker, Mechanical Engineering Department, Rutgers University, 2004
Seminar Speaker, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Michigan, 2004
Industrial Heating Equipment of the Future Conference, Invited Speaker, IHEA - DOE, 2004
Excellence in Service Award, College of Engineering, University of Michigan, 2004
Invited Speaker, 26th World Energy Congress on Heat Transfer in Glass Quenching, 2003
Best Paper Award from ASME National Heat Transfer Conference, 2003
Ten year Service Award, Office of Industrial Technologies, Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Energy, 2003
Elected Fellow, ASME, 2002
National Heat Transfer Conference Best Paper Award, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2001
Philip Thomas Medal of Excellence, International Association for Fire Safety Science, 1994
Presidential Young Investigator Award, NSF, 1986
Research and Teaching Fellowship, Harvard University, 1977-1983
Chartered Engineer (U.K.), Indian National Merit Scholar, 1975-1970

Faculty Type

Tenured and Tenure-Track

Related News

This award was established 1982, in memory of the achievements of Arthur B. Guise, who singularly developed dry chemicals for use as fire extinguishing agents.

Award provided by the DOE helps fund the Michigan Industrial Energy Center. Special thanks for the center go out to professor Arvind Atreya.