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Ashley Bucsek

Ashley Bucsek

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Bucsek Group


3436 GGB
2350 Hayward, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (734) 764-8797

Research Interests

Mechanical behavior of materials; micromechanical modeling; in situ/in operando characterization including X-ray imaging and diffraction; functional materials; lightweight structural metals; shape memory alloys; phase transformations; energy conversion

Research Areas

Mechanics & Materials

Faculty Type

Tenured and Tenure-Track

Related News

ME Faculty Awards Announced
ME Associate Professor Ashley Bucsek has received the William N. Findley Award, and ME Associate Professor Neil Dasgupta has won the E. & M. Ulsoy Citation Leader Award.

ME assistant professor awarded Young Investigator Research Program award
Ashley Bucsek is one of just 58 engineers selected for this honor by the  Air Force Office of Scientific Research. The award is in recognition of her research on "Supercritical Phase Transformations for Multiferroic Materials."

Ashley Bucsek receives NSF CAREER Award for work on martensitic phase transformations
Dr. Bucsek's proposal, titled “Understanding the Origins of Mechanical Hysteresis and Functional Fatigue in Martensitic Phase Transforming Materials,” seeks to understand why and how materials degrade, after repeated martensitic phase transformations.