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Pramod Sangi Reddy

Pramod Sangi Reddy

Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

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1634 GGB
2350 Hayward, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (734) 615-5952


Ph.D., Applied Science and Technology Program, University of California, Berkeley, 2007
M.Tech., Computer Aided Design and Automation, Indian Institute of Technology, 2002
B.Tech., Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, 2002 Research

Research Interests

Nanoscale charge and energy transport, thermoelectric devices, microscale heat transfer, organic photovoltaics, scanning probe microscopy and optics.

Research Areas

Energy, Micro/Nano Engineering

Honors & Awards

  • Young Faculty Award, DARPA, 2012
  • CAREER Award , National Science Foundation, 2009

Faculty Type

Tenured and Tenure-Track

Related News

Closing the gap: Converting heat to electricity at nanometer distances
Researchers at the University of Michigan have demonstrated an exceptionally efficient system for converting waste heat to electricity. 

Seven faculty members receives College of Engineering Awards 2020-21
Seven Mechanical Engineering Faculty have been awarded 2020-21 College of Engineering Awards! Congratulations to them for their outstanding achievements.

Breakthrough Calorimeter Tool Gives Closer Look at Cell Growth
Two graduate students develop a new calorimeter tool that increases the measurement sensitivity of metabolic heat output ten-fold.

Exploring a Novel, Nanoscale Thermal Switch
ME Professors Edgar Meyhofer and Pramod Reddy have shown for the first time how a nanoscale thermal switch can be built by employing nanoscale effects that arise when heat is transferred between a hot and cold nanoscale-thick membrane via thermal radiation.

Toward molecular computers: First measurement of single-molecule heat transfer
If Moore's law's endgame is really computer components made from single molecules, we're going to need to know how to cool them.

U-M receives $6.25M to study heat-to-electricity conversion and cooling with LEDs
Michigan Engineering is leading four other universities in Department of Defense-funded research.

ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Awards of 2018 includes ME Postdoctoral Fellow
Work with radiative thermal transport at nanoscale level lands Dakotah Thompson a ProQuest Dissertation Award.

Meyhofer and Reddy labs report novel LED based refrigeration in Nature
LED enables a new approach to light-based cooling.

Heat transfer limit set by Max Planck's law can be overcome: Reddy and Meyhofer labs report in Nature
Mechanical engineers find another way to break Planck's law at the nanoscale.

Cui wins MRS Gold Medal
MRS Graduate Student Awards are intended to honor and encourage graduate students whose academic achievements and current materials research display a high level of excellence and distinction.

ME selected as a Minus K Technology Educational Giveaway winner
As part of the giveaway, ME will receive a 150BM-8 negative stiffness vibration isolator workstation

Song receives ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award, Sun receives Honorable Mention
The purpose of the ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Awards is to recognize exceptional and unusually interesting work produced by doctoral students in the last phase of their graduate work

Liang and Reddy receive ME Department Achievement Awards
Liang and Reddy were honored at the ME Spring Banquet

Reddy's Work Featured on Cover of Nature Nanotechnology
Research from Professor Pramod Reddy’s group on thermoelectric properties of molecular junctions published in Nature Nanotechnology and highlighted on the cover of the November edition.

Atomic-Scale Heat Dissipation Studies Published in Nature
A novel experimental platform based on nanofabricated thermocouples was developed and used to elucidate the unique heat dissipation phenomena that arise in atomic-/nano-scale devices — for the first time

Sadat wins Richard and Eleanor Towner Prize for Outstanding PhD Research
In addition to Seid Sadat, 11 other ME graduate students won CoE Graduate Symposium Awards

Reddy selected for 2012 DARPA Young Faculty Award
The objective of this award is to identify and engage rising research stars in junior faculty positions at U.S. academic institutions and expose them to Department of Defense needs as well as DARPA's program development process

Paper by Reddy, Gavini and Dunietz's Groups Published in the Journal of American Chemical Society
A combined effort by research groups headed by Pramod Reddy, Vikram Gavini, and Barry Dunietz was published in the June issue of JACS.

Three ME Faculty Receive CAREER Awards

Pramod Sangi Reddy Receives NSF CAREER Award