The Society of Engineering Science has awarded Ellen Arruda for her sustained outstanding contributions in theoretical and experimental mechanics.

For outstanding contributions to hydrodynamics research, Professor Steve Ceccio has been recognized by ASME.

Equipment previously used in auto emissions testing highlights risks.

Lithium metal solid-state batteries can provide a safer, more powerful alternative to the current standard.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers honored Professor Kon-Well Wang with the Rayleigh Lecture Award.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has appointed Professor Huei Peng to the Michigan Council on Future Mobility and Electrification.

Dawn Tilbury and co-authors' of an SAE paper selected as one of the best 2019 papers in the SAE International Journal of Connected and Automated Vehicles and has been chosen to receive the Vincent Bendix Automotive Electronics Engineering Award.

The ASME Henry M. Paynter Outstanding Investigator Award from the Dynamic Systems and Control Division for 2020 has been awarded to Jeff Stein. 

U-M ME professor Elliott Rouse and his team published a paper in Nature Biomedical Engineering entitled, "Design and clinical implementation of an open-source bionic leg."

Adeline Wihardja, ME Senior, received 2nd place at SMASIS for her paper, "Posable tensegrity-constrained inflatable kinematic graphical analysis."

In The Conversation, Capecelatro offers suggestions like keeping windows open, shorter trips and below half-capacity seating on public buses

In the Conversation, Sridhar Kota talks about how the global pandemic has interrupted supply chains for almost 75% of US companies.

The Indian National Academy of Engineering selects Professor Jyoti Mazumder as a Foreign Fellow.

Professor Jianping Fu has been awarded the Analytical Chemistry Award from the American Chemical Society.

Engineers used smoke machines, physics-based modeling and route optimization algorithms to quantify risk.

The 2020 Leadership in Engineering Award from the Washington Academy of Sciences has been awarded to Dawn Tilbury.

Research Corporation for Science Advancement begins a new initiative and names ME professor as one of the 50 fellows. 

As research begins to ramp back up in G.G. Brown, we find out how faculty and students are making changes to safely re-enter their workspace.

The Acoustical Society of America has elected David Dowling one of their newest executive council members. 

Nosa Edoimioya takes us with him on a journey to Ghana where he teaches, meets new friends, and new animals. 

Two graduate students develop a new calorimeter tool that increases the measurement sensitivity of metabolic heat output ten-fold.

The American Society of Biomechanics recognizes Shorya Awtar for his outstanding work in translational biomechanics research, entrepreneurship, and societal benefit. 

The United States Environmental Protection Agency awards Steve Skerlos with a 2020 Green Chemistry Challenge Award for his Pure-Cut technology. 

Congratulations to David Kwabi for receiving this honor for all the exemplary work he has done.