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Graduate Machine Shop

Welcome! –  The ME Graduate Machine Shop has moved and is now operational for students to use or request instrument work.  The ME Graduate Machine Shop is located in the GG Brown Laboratory room 1495.  The hours are Mon-Fri 8-4:30 and Charlie Bradley (charlesb) is leading the operation, training and instrument fabrication services.

UPDATES:  Training material is now available at this link First review the process listed in the google doc and the four basic training modules.  If there is anything you do not understand, come to the shop and ask!  Then you will come and use the machines to get hands-on experience while making a couple simple parts.  Once we assess your understanding of safety practices and skills, you will get checked off to allow working on your projects.  

Shop policies

  • Who can use the shop?  ME students and COE students working in labs with ME faculty. 
  • All students will sign in and out with their Mcard.
  • Safety glasses are required at all times (provide your own).
  • Proper clothing and attire is required(clothing fully covering legs, close-toe shoes, no flowing sleeves, large jewelry or necklaces, hoodie strings, long hair tied back, etc.).
  • Training will be required to use the shop.  The four base courses will ALL be required to be completed in order to independently use the machine shop.  You will review the training information online and then demonstrate understanding by using the machines creating several parts.  Additional optional training is available.
  • Safety is a shared responsibility.  Your safety is important and shop staff can deny access if safe practices are not being followed.  We want you to go home safe!
  • Return all tools cleaned and placed in their proper location.  Clean the machine and area around it.  Notify staff if tools are damaged or broken so we can keep everyone stocked and ready to use.

In the transition to getting everyone trained – existing user operator skills will be assessed to make sure that everyone is safe and knowledgeable.  Our goal is to have everyone trained on all major equipment so the initial investment will allow users to operate most of the equipment.  For now, check in with Charlie every time you come in and when you are finished!!  We want to help you complete your work.


The four standard training areas are general shop (bandsaws, drill press, belt sander, power tools), precision measurement, lathe and mill.  This is the link for the training reference material.  Come in Tuesdays or Thursdays to make your practice parts – sign up in advance here.

Advanced milling conversational programming, surface grinder operation and sheet metal fabrication will also be available 1 on 1 or small groups.  Times are available several days per week and scheduled on this form.  For the advanced training offered, come with a machining project – it is much easier to train with a project to make. 

Instrument Services

Contract instrument maker machining and fabrication services can also be provided by ME machinist staff.   Users will submit jobs through the graduate machining request system link.  Jobs are processed in the order they are received and receipt of information, material and short code (required).  Anyone can submit a job, however ME requests will be given first priority.  Requests require a drawing, and appropriate communication to ensure quality results.  Some jobs will require a CAD model for generating machining tool paths.  It is requested that you consult with the shop staff early and before you purchase your material.  Water jet jobs are typically completed within 24-36 hours, and machining jobs within 1-5 weeks depending on complexity and overall workload.  You can schedule consultation time Wednesday afternoons on the training sign up google sheet.

Graduate machining request

Laser cutting and water jet services are still available for ME students in the Lay Automotive Engineering Laboratory room 1034 through Bill Kirkpatrick.

Grad Shop Resources (Machine List, Services Provided, Map)