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Financial Information

Funding Opportunities In Mechanical Engineering

Within the ME department, students can be funded through the following mechanisms: fellowships, GSRAs, GSIs, GSSAs, graders, or as temporary employees (temps). GSRAs are appointed by individual faculty members and the department is not involved in the selection of GSRAs. The ME department coordinates the appointment of fellowships, GSIs, graders, and temps. The opportunities for employment in the department vary each term.

PhD Students

Students admitted to the PhD program will be offered a full funding package for their studies. The offer usually entails 4 years of funding for students that come into the program with a master’s degree in a relevant area of study; or 5 years of funding for students that enter the program after receiving a bachelor’s degree. Financial support includes a stipend, tuition and registration fees, as well as health and dental benefits. Support is offered in the form of a fellowship, Graduate Student Research Assistantship (GSRA), Graduate Student Instructorship (GSI), or Graduate Student Staff Assistant (GSSA) position. 

Master’s Students

Students admitted to the Master’s program are expected to secure their own financial support. A student may fund his/her education through personal funds, loans, financial aid, fellowships, or through employment at the University. The University of Michigan establishes standard student budgets each year to help students plan how they will pay for their graduate program. Master’s students are encouraged to seek employment opportunities in other academic departments and around campus.

Further Information

For further detailed information regarding funding opportunities for Mechanical Engineering graduate students, please visit our ME Grad Handbook.