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Kristy Bajcz
Kristy BajczFaculty Affairs Coord[email protected]
Michelle Barnett
Michelle BarnettDepartment Administrator[email protected](734) 764-8465
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Kathleen BeebeResearch Administrator[email protected](734) 615-8167
Aaron Berry
Aaron BerryMarketing Assistant Associate[email protected](734) 936-0187
Charlie Bradley
Charlie BradleyInstrument Maker[email protected](734) 936-0335
Diane Brouwer
Diane BrouwerResearch Administrator[email protected](734) 763-4371
Kacie Cadotte
Kacie CadotteUndergraduate Academic Advisor[email protected](734) 647-0539
Nick Cantu
Nick CantuSenior Desktop Support Specialist[email protected](734) 764-6344
Susan Cheng
Susan ChengManager of Diversity and Inclusion[email protected](734) 763-4371
Jason Davis
Jason DavisStudent Administration Manager[email protected]
Kemal Duran
Kemal DuranDesign Instruction Engineer[email protected](734) 647-5777
Karen Durigon
Karen DurigonFinance Manager[email protected](734) 647-8088
Susan Fancy
Susan FancyGlobal CO2 Program Manager for Research and Commercialization[email protected](734) 936-0426
Andrea Fulton
Andrea FultonAdministration[email protected](734) 764-3680
Amber Galkin
Amber GalkinResearch Administrator[email protected](734) 647-8775
Michele Goci
Michele GociApplications Programmer/Analyst Senior[email protected](734) 764-8482
Dennis Guttman
Dennis GuttmanResearch Administrator[email protected](734) 764-1837
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Ashley HlorosAdmin Asst Intermediate[email protected]
Matthew Jastrzembowski
Matthew JastrzembowskiFacilities Manager[email protected](734) 764-3547
Evan Jones
Evan JonesResearch Administrator[email protected](734) 615-6244
Joy Jones
Joy JonesAdmissions and Recruiting Specialist[email protected](734) 936-0337
Colin Jones
Colin JonesFacilities Assistant[email protected](734) 615-5152
Anupama Kar
Anupama KarMechanical Tech Associate[email protected]
Kristi Kattapong
Kristi KattapongGlobal CO2 Communications Specialist[email protected]
Bill Kirkpatrick
Bill KirkpatrickEngineering Technician[email protected](734) 764-4271
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Michael KleinEngineering Technician[email protected](734) 764-5250
Jonathan Klozik
Jonathan KlozikSystems Administrator[email protected](734) 763-5007
Lynn Kujawa
Lynn KujawaResearch Administrator[email protected](734) 763-2368
John Laidlaw
John LaidlawEngineering Technician[email protected](734) 615-9473
Murray LaPointe
Murray LaPointeDesktop Support Specialist[email protected](734) 763-5007
Johanna Liao
Johanna LiaoExecutive Assistant to Chair[email protected](734) 763-4280
William Lim
William LimARC Program Manager[email protected](734) 647-9051
Adam Mael
Adam MaelGraduate Coordinator[email protected](734) 615-7024
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Lydia Marks-WiltResearch Administrator Senior[email protected]
Stephen McCord
Stephen McCordResearch Area Specialist Lead[email protected]
Dan McGuire
Dan McGuireResearch Administrator[email protected]
Tim Moore
Tim MooreCurriculum Coordinator[email protected](734) 763-4277
Matthew New
Matthew NewIT Planning Manager[email protected](734) 763-8906
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Peter NguyenEngineering Technician[email protected]
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Rachel OeffnerResearch Administrator Senior[email protected]
Julie Olivero
Julie OliveroResearch Administration Manager[email protected]
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Kristina OwensResearch Administrator Senior[email protected](734) 647-6154
Andy Poli
Andy PoliEngineering Technician[email protected]
Holly Roseborough
Holly RoseboroughAdmin Assistant[email protected](734) 764-4254
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Jared RoyEngineering Technician[email protected]
Makenzie Schlessman
Makenzie SchlessmanCommunications & Marketing Manager[email protected](734) 936-9660
Charles Solbrig
Charles SolbrigEngineering Technician[email protected]
Addy VanSledright
Addy VanSledrightAdmin Assistant Assoc[email protected](734) 763-2397
Charlie Weger
Charlie WegerMechanical Technician Sr[email protected](734) 764-6549
Angela Wegrecki
Angela WegreckiDirector of Strategic Initiatives[email protected](734) 647-8087
Kylie Welling
Kylie WellingUndergraduate Recruiting Coordinator/Advising Assistant[email protected]734-764-0863
Don Wirkner
Don WirknerInstructional Lab Services Manager[email protected](734) 763-7472
Jonathon Yenkel
Jonathon YenkelEngineering Technician[email protected](734) 764-5245