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Student Organization Funding

ME reviews requests from student organizations and groups once per year. Proposals are due September 30.

To propose funding for your student organization, a representative from the organization should complete the ME STUDENT ORGANIZATION FUNDING REQUEST FORM, which requests the following information:

  • Description of organization, its membership, and goals, including the purpose of the group, the relation and importance it has to mechanical engineering, and some details about the outcomes the group achieved last year, if applicable (can be uploaded as a document).
  • A one-page budget proposal that details your expenses for the year, includes the current balance in your organization’s SOAS account and other sources of support that you are expecting or have inquired about, and is specific about the amount of funding that you are requesting from ME (must be uploaded as a document).
  • A statement of the organization’s perspectives on inclusivity and diversity in engineering
  • A confirmation that these perspectives have been reviewed within the past calendar year
  • Percentage of membership that are undergraduate ME majors or ME graduate students
  • Shortcode for funds transfer

Resources include Center for Campus Involvement (CCI), Student Organization Account Services (SOAS), and CCI’s DEI Toolkit.

Decisions about the amount of funding will be based on the organization’s previous engagement with the department; the group’s commitment to upholding equity, diversity, and being inclusive; and the relation of the organization’s goals to the discipline of mechanical engineering. Special attention will be given to requests from organizations with goals that seek to address the problems of racism and inequality, in mechanical engineering and the broader community.

If you or another member of your group would like to be notified when there is a new student organization funding proposal application available (each August), you can join our ME Student Organization Funding Interest email group (just click “join group”).

If you have questions or feedback about the student organization funding process, please email You can also provide anonymous feedback on the process here.