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2017-18 ME Annual Report released

Mechanical Engineering August 2018 Newsletter

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Recent News

Traditional approaches to development of algal feedstocks versus Ecological Engineering

This project's scope considers how algae can help produce fuels and contribute to cleaner combustion

An electron microscope image of the experimental set-up with two plates, each 0.06 x 0.08 mm. At their thinnest, with a thickness of just 0.00027 mm, the heat flow between them was 100 times higher than expected. Credit: Dakotah Thompson, Michigan Engineering.

Mechanical engineers find another way to break Planck's law at the nanoscale.

The anterior cruciate ligament threads through the middle of the knee joint. It is the mostcommonly torn ligament in sports.

Mechanical engineers are working with physicians to help athletes with Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries.


The latest design of the arterial everter is a flexible tool with a tapered silicone tip that can spread the artery onto the coupler’s pins from almost any angle. The pins pierce through the artery and into the silicone without bending, and the tool’s shaft can be angled as needed. Credit: Carolyn McCarthy

Building Leaders

Who change the world

Reconstructive surgery tech gets its start in an ME 450 class -- the ‘arterial everter’ has now been licensed to Baxter.
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The jerboa - a bipedal desert rodent native to North Africa and Central Asia. Credit: Christian Baker

Future Discovery

Built on an unshakeable foundation

From rodent to robot: how a hopping mouse and information theory could inform robotic locomotion.
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A car in MCity

Hard Problems

Huge impact

Professor Peng works to improve vehicle efficiency and self-driving safety.
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