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Prepared for Impact

Experience a program designed to make a difference

At Michigan, mechanical engineering undergraduates benefit from the same top-notch faculty and facilities that make U-M a great research institution. Our undergraduate program is built on a foundation of fundamental principles – thermal and fluid sciences, solid mechanics and materials, dynamics and controls. Our students also work together, both inside and outside of the classroom, in environments that help them hone the soft skills they’ll need to understand and solve real-world problems.

Our undergraduate program includes:

  • Hands-on, team-based design courses in all four years.

  • Opportunities to compete, serve and represent Michigan on student design teams

  • Opportunities to make connections through professional societies

What do Mechanical Engineers do?

Just about everything. If you can touch it, mechanical engineering probably played a role in its existence. A Michigan mechanical engineering degree positions graduates to pursue a graduate degree or a career in industry, consulting or research.

Grads from mechanical engineering find employment in nearly every career field and industry. The data visualized below represents ME alumni reported career fields from 2012 – 2019.

ME Degree cross-referenced with career fields

You might be a future mechanical engineer if…

  • You enjoy taking things apart to understand how they work.

  • You want to design next generation products, devices, or systems.

  • You like math and physics.

  • You’re interested in sustainability and environmentally friendly product design.

  • Creating, building and testing new components, machines, or structures excites you.

  • You’re passionate about helping people.

If you’re nodding your head, learn more by exploring the Undergraduate Handbook, contacting the Academic Service Office, or reading the Undergraduate Degree Program Objectives and Outcomes.