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Thesis Defense: Bernardo Pacini

Title: Aerodynamic, Aeroacoustic, and Aerostructural Multidisciplinary Design Optimization for Propeller-Driven Vehicles Date: 05/31/2024 9:00 am Location: FRANCOIS-XAVIER BAGNOUD BUILDING (ROOM TBD)

Thesis Defense: Shannon Clancy

Title: Examining Underemphasized Engineering Practices: Engineering Students? Alignment with Curricular Emphases and Engagement with Divergent Thinking Date: 05/31/2024 11:00 am Location: 3360 G.G. BROWN AND VIA ZOOM AT HTTPS://UMICH.ZOOM.US/J/93267707083 PASSWORD: DRCLANCY

Thesis Defense: Tizoc Cruz-Gonzalez

Title: Dielectric Elastomer Tape Actuators Date: 06/03/2024 1:00 pm Location: 4231 LURIE ENGINEERING CENTER; ZOOM: HTTPS://UMICH.ZOOM.US/J/93948252816