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Four ME Faculty Members Present at the 2020 Gordon Research Conference


Son Siegel, Neil Dasgupta, Anna Stefanopoulou, Jeff Sakamoto

The Gordon Research Conferences (GRC) provide an international forum for frontier research in the biological, chemical, physical, and engineering sciences and their interfaces. GRC is a nonprofit organization that brings together top researchers to discuss the latest pre-publication research in their field. They are unique as each presentation allows for dynamic conversations to take place after presentations to debate the ides and foster new ones. Only 200 attendees are allowed and all must apply to attend as all must be active participants in their community and contribute to moving the frontiers of their fields forward. 

At the 2020 Batteries GRC: Understanding Coupled Behaviors of Energy Storage Beyond Energy and Power, four ME faculty members were invited to give presentations on their current work. 

Professor Don Siegel – Simulations Across Scales

Assistant Professor Neil Dasgupta – Lithium Metal Anodes: The Dynamic Evolution of Electrochemical, Morphological and Mechanical Phenomena

Professor Anna Stefanopoulou – Beyond Estimating State of Charge (SOC), Power (SOP) and Health (SOH): Quantifying Battery State of Safety (SOS)

Associate Professor Jeff Sakamoto – The Odd Couple: Phenomena at the Alkali Metal-Ceramic Electrolyte Interfaces


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