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Journal Dedicated to Wineman


WinemanThe International Journal of Structural Changes in Solids (IJSCS) dedicated its inaugural issue to ME Professor Alan Wineman in honor of his lifetime of contribution to the field of mechanical engineering.

The journal, whose first issue was published online in December 2009, aims to “bring together researchers and engineers whose interest lie in the mechanics and applications of micro and macro structural changes that occur (or can be induced) in a wide range of solids.”

Included in the issue is a biographical sketch of Wineman detailing his outstanding work in a wide range of areas related to mechanics, such as elasticity, viscoelasticity, polymer mechanics, biomechanics, mixture theory, multinetwork theory and chemorheology.

K.R. Rajagopal, author of Wineman’s biographical sketch, wrote, “His ability to grasp the quintessential aspects of a complicated problem, strip it of all its unnecessary coverings and lay bare the innards, sets him apart from most working in the field.”

Wineman currently serves as a member of the journal’s Editorial Advisory Board.


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