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Kazu Saitou Elected ASME Fellow



Kazuhiro Saitou, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has been elected American Society of Engineers Fellow for his research in design optimization and assembly synthesis. Achieving Fellowship is among the highest grade of distinction within the society.

Saitou teaches multiple Design and Manufacture courses as well as various Graduate courses, and his research interests are expansive, reaching from computer modeling to structure-based virtual screening for drug discovery and design. Such research has attracted the attention of renowned corporations and organizations, including the EPA, Nissan, General Motors, Toyota, and the National Science Foundation.

Saitou has been an active corporate member of ASME for over 10 years, and has achieved recognition as a leader within his industry. Before becoming a Fellow, his level of influence within the society was notable.

In the past, Saitou served as Secretary for the ASME Design for Manufacturing and the Life Cycle Technical Committee and later became Vice Chair of the same sector. Two years later, he climbed up to the position of Chair. Additionally in 2009, he was elected Chair of ASME Design Automation Technical Committee.

Saitou was very much responsible not only for the divisions he headed, but also for the published Journal itself. Just this year, he became Associate Editor for the Journal of Mechanical Design for the organization.

Combined, these previous positions helped pave the way to where Saitou stands as a Fellow today, and with his heightened influence, there should be great innovations to come within the fields of design optimization and assembly synthesis.

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