thermal sciences

Exploring a Novel, Nanoscale Thermal Switch

ANN ARBOR—Thermal switches that can effectively control the flow of heat are key to enabling a number of applications ranging from the thermal management of nanoscale devices, refrigeration, data storage, thermal computing all the way to the thermal management of buildings. However, in comparison to the vast array of devices, e.g. transistors and diodes, available to control the flow of electricity there exists currently very few proposals for controlling the flow of heat, especially at the nanoscale.

Toward molecular computers: First measurement of single-molecule heat transfer

Heat transfer through a single molecule has been measured for the first time by an international team of researchers led by the University of Michigan. This could be a step toward molecular computing—building circuits up from molecules rather than carving them out of silicon as a way to max out Moore’s Law and make the most powerful conventional computers possible.

ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Awards of 2018 includes ME Postdoctoral Fellow

The ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Awards are given out each year to recognize highly accomplished graduate students who have produced outstanding dissertations of the highest scholarly quality in any field of study. For 2018 there were 10 awards given and one was to ME Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Dakotah Thompson. For his dissertation, Thompson dug deep into a set of questions at the forefront of a cutting-edge field seeking to understand radiative thermal transport at the nanoscale.