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Bedewy Wins MRS Silver Award



Mostafa Bedewy, who recently received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, has been selected to receive the Silver Award from the Materials Research Society. The award was presented in December 2013, at an annual society meeting held in Boston.

The Materials Research Society (MRS) is an interdisciplinary materials science society, which transmits technical information across multiple fields in almost seventy nations worldwide. Their stated goal is to foster communication regarding materials research in order to improve overall quality of life.

MRS had to ultimately choose 33 winning finalists out of a pool of 260 students who were candidates for the Graduate Student Awards.

The society distributes Graduate Student Awards, categorized in “silver” and “gold,” to formally recognize graduate students who are well on their way to making an impact in the field of material science, motivating them to take their achievements to the next level. Silver Award recipients receive both $200 and a certificate of accomplishment.

Among the winners of the Silver Award were students from MIT, Stanford, and Washington University. Material Science Engineering student, Gibum Kwon, who also attends the University of Michigan, was among the cohort of award-winning students as well.

Bedewy received the Silver Award based on his study of the collective mechanochemical factors governing the growth and self-organization of hierarchical carbon nanotube structures. His current research combines manufacturing and nanoscience in the Mechanosynthesis lab, run by Professor John Hart at the University, and is also pursuing postdoctoral studies at MIT.

Other relevant research interests include the science and technology of nano and micro manufacturing, synthesis and self-organization of one-dimensional filamentary nanostructures, population dynamics and collective properties of nanomaterials, and precision design and manufacturing of scientific instruments.