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Design Expo: Winter 2003


The Winter 2003 Design Expo held Thursday, April 10th, was considered a tremendous success. This photo album depicts only a few of the many projects displayed by students in the ME design classes.

Thanks goes to

* Instructors and GSIs:

ME 250: Professor Donald Geister and Suman Das
GSIs: Adam Justin, Leonard Peter, Kumar Pranav, Steven Swisher

ME 350: Professors Sridhar Kota
GSIs: Charles Kim

ME 450: Professors Robert Dennis, Jonathan Luntz, Albert Shih, Steven Skerlos
GSIs: Prabhjot Singh and Fu Zhao

* Professor Steven Skerlos for organizing and planning the event.

* GSI Fu Zhao and Prabhjot Singh, who provided logistical support.

* The department staff who assisted with preparations, including engineering technicians Bob Coury and Marv Cressey, and adminstrative staff, Paul J. Gorny, Melissa McGeorge, Shanna Jessee, Matt Navarre, Sally Smith, Margie Lesser, Marcy Brighton and Kathy Brotchner.

Descriptions accompanying the photos are taken directly from the informational brochure distributed the day of the Expo.

For past projects, see our Fall 2002 ( ) archive.

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