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Don Siegel Selected as NAE Gilbreth Lecturer



Don Siegel, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has been chosen as one of the National Academy of Engineering Gilbreth Lecturers of 2014.

The Gilbreth Lectures are a fairly new establishment, created in 2001. The Council of the National Academy of Engineering uses the lectures to give outstanding members a chance to be both heard and seen by the rest of the NAE community. The Council chooses among nominees, drawn from the Frontiers of Engineering Program, which brings leading engineers together in meetings to become familiar with each other and collaborate across different engineering subfields.

As one of four elected Gilbreth Lecturers, Siegel will meet with the rest of the NAE on Feb. 6th, 2014 at Irvine, California’s National Academies’ Beckman Center. The Lectureship allows recipients the opportunity to give a lecture at this Spring’s National Meeting.

Siegel’s lecture will apply to both experienced NAE engineers, as well as high school students, both of whom will be present in the audience.

NAE has requested that for his lecture, Siegel recreates a previous discussion led at the 2012 German-American FOE Symposium, entitled, “Energy Storage for Sustainable Transportation.”

At the University, Siegel balances his time between two separate research concentrations. The first entails the development of novel energy storage materials and its application in transportation sectors, which he will be addressing in his Gilbreth lecture. Secondly, Siegel also focuses on computational materials science.

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