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Formula SAE Team Takes 9 Awards


The CoE Formula SAE team, with a majority of Mechanical Engineering students on board, was highly successful in the 2006 Student Formula SAE competition of Japan and the 2006 FISITA (International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies) World Cup.
The team students won the following 9 awards during the events held on September 13 -16 at Ogasayama Sports Park in Japan with 51 teams in the competition:
* Third Place: Formula SAE of Japan (overall in the competition)
* Third Place: FISITA World Cup
* Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture Award (overall points based on evaluation scores for static inspections, acceleration, skid-pad, autocross, noise, fuel economy, safety, and efforts to reduce vehicle weight)
* First Place: Spirit of Static Event Award (for overall static inspection score)
* Second Place: Presentation Award (for presentation of the business plan)
* First Place: Design Award (Design Inspection and presentation)
* Second Place: Autocross Award (Autocross performance)
* Sixth Place: JAMA Chairman Award (Overall points based on evaluation scores for design safety, passive safety, efforts to reduce vehicle weight, fuel economy, noise, and sportsmanship)
* Third Place: Godd Frame Design Award (excellence of vehicle frame)

These latest accomplishments of MRacing mark the culmination of a very successful year which started with the 3rd place finish of our team this past spring in the competition held in the US among 140 teams from 14 countries.

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