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Jianping Fu invited to join boards of prestigious academic journals

Jianping Fu, professor of mechanical engineering, professor of biomedical engineering, professor of cell and developmental biology

Jianping Fu, professor of mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, and cell and developmental biology, has been invited to join the editorial board of Biophysical Journal (from January 1, 2024) and the advisory board of Cell Stem Cell (from November 1, 2023).

Established in 1960, Biophysical Journal is a peer-reviewed publication produced by Cell Press on behalf of the Biophysical Society. It aims to elucidate important biological, chemical, or physical mechanisms and provide quantitative insight into fundamental problems at molecular, cellular, systems, and whole-organism levels. 

Established in 2007, Cell Stem Cell is a leading publication from Cell Press that covers the latest in stem cell research. Each issue also contains a wide variety of review and analysis articles relevant to stem cell research ranging from basic biological advances to ethical, policy, and funding issues.

Fu’s current research focuses on mechanobiology, stem cell bioengineering, developmental bioengineering, microfluidics, and BioMEMS. His and his co-workers’ research on modeling human development using human stem cells has contributed significantly to the emerging field of “Artificial Embryos”, which was selected by the MIT Technology Review as one of the “10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2018.”

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