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ME Faculty Represented at 2018 ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference


During the 2018 ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, ME was represented in full force.

Huei Peng, the Roger L. McCarthy Professor, gave the Nyquist Lecture at the 2018 ASME DCSS. His talk was titled “How Control Theories Were Used to Improve Energy and Safety of Automotive systems.”

Huei PengAbstract: Tomorrow’s vehicles will be more electrified, connected, automated, and shared compared with vehicles today. Modeling and control will continue to play a key role in making these vehicles safer, more efficient, and less polluting. In this talk, I will present my personal experience in applying advanced modeling and control techniques to several automotive applications, to improve their safety and energy consumption. The talk will end with future trends and remaining challenges.

Peng is also the US Director of the US-China Clean Energy Research Center-Clean Vehicle Consortium and the U-M MCity Director.


Associate Research Scientist Jason SiegelTing Cai, ME PhD Candidate along with advisor, Jason Siegel, were awarded Best Paper of the Energy Systems Technical Committee. Their paper, “Modeling Li-ion Battery Thermal Runaway Using a Three Section Thermal Model,”  has been a key topic for the duo as they focus in on lithium-ion batteries. 




Professor, Mechanical Engineering, William Clay Ford Professor of Manufacturing - Anna StefanopoulouAnna Stefanopoulou, William Clay Ford Professor of Manufacturing, was presented with the ASME DSCD Charles Stark Draper Innovative Practice Award.

Stefanopoulou is a ASME, IEEE and SAE fellow and elected member of the ASME and IEEE boards. Most recently, she has become the director of the University of Michigan Energy Institute. In this position she promotes innovation across campus in all areas related to energy. 

We congratulate all our ME faculty represented and awarded at this years ASME conference.

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