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November 29 Seminar Features Charles Doering


Charles Doering

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
4:00 – 5:00 pm
1504 GG Brown

The seminar for Tuesday, November 29, features Charles Doering. Doering is a Professor of Mathematics at U-M. He will discuss “Optimal Stirring for Passive Scalar Mixing.”

Abstract: We address the challenge of optimal incompressible stirring to mix an initially inhomogeneous distribution of passive tracers. As a quantitative measure of mixing we adopt the H−1 norm of the scalar fluctuation field, equivalent to the (square root of the) variance of a low-pass filtered image of the tracer concentration field. First we establish that this is a useful gauge even in the absence of molecular diffusion: its vanishing as t → ∞ is evidence of the stirring flow’s mixing properties in the sense of ergodic theory. Then we derive absolute limits on the total amount of mixing, as a function of time, on a periodic spatial domain with a prescribed instantaneous stirring energy or stirring power budget. We subsequently determine the flow field that instantaneously maximizes the decay of this mixing measure – when such a flow exists. When no such ‘steepest descent’ flow exists (a possible but non-generic situation), we determine the flow that maximizes the growth rate of the H−1 norm’s decay rate. This local-in-time optimal stirring strategy is implemented numerically on a benchmark problem and compared to an optimal control approach using a restricted set of flows. Some significant challenges for analysis are outlined.

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