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Previous ME and CoE Award Winners

CoE Awards

Distinguished Academic Achievement

Presented to the outstanding undergraduate in each degree program. Criteria considered by the department awards committee include academic achievement, exemplary character, leadership in class and activities, and potential for success in future endeavors.

2019 – Jacqueline Schmiedeler
2020 – John Burke
2021 – Peter Wacnik
2022 – Arjun Sundarajan
2023 – Christopher VanDieren

Distinguished Leadership Award

Presented to a College of Engineering student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and service to the College, University, and community.

2020 – Haley Clafton
2022 – Nina Maklouf, Sarah Montanez
2023 – Minjeong Kim, Annika Satish

Henry Ford II Prize

Presented to an outstanding junior who has demonstrated academic excellence.

2019 – Leo McManus
2020 – Adeline Wihardja
2023 – Emma Nottingham

Roger M. Jones

Presented to an outstanding graduating senior wishing to pursue a one-year course of graduate studies in English Literature and the Humanities at a British university.

2019 – Charles Velis

Charles F. Barth Jr.

Presented to an outstanding sophomore who has demonstrated academic excellence, leadership qualities and outstanding contributions to the University and/or community.

2019 – Patrick Roach
2022 – Alison Brei
2023 – Siddhant Makkar

Hugh G. Rumler Prize

Presented to an outstanding senior on the basis of sincerity, integrity, and goodwill; scholarship is desirable but of secondary consideration.

2021 – Julia Stuart

Tau Beta Pi Rice Award

It is dedicated to academic excellence, excellent character and service. This award is presented by the Tau Beta Pi Michigan Gamma Chapter to an outstanding student who best combines exemplary character and distinguished scholarship.

2022 – Arjun Sundarajan

Cooley Writing Contest – Fiction

In his will, the late Dean Mortimer Cooley, a former Dean of the Engineering College, left funds to encourage students to explore non-technical fields to “develop, broaden, and enrich the Engineer’s education.”

2023 – Victoria Dawidowicz

ME Departmental Awards

J.A. Bursley Mechanical Engineering Award

Presented to a Senior in Mechanical Engineering with distinguished scholastic and leadership achievement.

2019 – Jessica Mossier
2020 – Jeremy Goldhawk
2021 – Mitchel Huang, Adeline Wihardja
2022 – Sandilya Garimella, Robert Nawara
2023 – Nina Makhlouf

Robert M. Caddell Memorial Scholarship

Presented to a Mechanical Engineering Junior or Senior with a study focus on Materials and/or Manufacturing.

2019 – Evan Rinder, Justin Kraft, David Van Dyke
2020 – Elizabeth Bernhardt, Lejun Jiang, Lea Russo
2021 – Adam Kim, Jacob Horcher, Katherine Martin
2022 – Nicole Basil, Juan Chomali, Daniel Falvo, Katherine Martin, Elijah Paparella
2023 – Jamie Blatnikoff, Shreya Jain, Alanna Smith, Ruitao Su, Tori Caracciolo

Lloyd H. Donnell Scholarship Fund

Presented to a Mechanical Engineering student who has demonstrated excellence in mechanics

2019 – Lakshuman Periakaruppan
2020 – Radu Tolontan
2021 – Aditya Bhatnagar, Lillian Mei
2022 – Alex Netzley, Emma Nigrelli
2023 – Nisan Yevdaev

R&B Machine Tool Company Scholarship

Presented to a Junior or Senior in Mechanical Engineering with a strong GPA and a study focus on Materials and/or Manufacturing who resides in the State of Michigan.

2019 – Emily Mallon, Michael Wolf, Sarah Kalasky
2020 – Mihir Gondhalekar, Vishnu Rengaraj, Michael Apone, Armen Kadian
2021 – Melissa Brei, Noah Zaatar, Julia Toye, Michele Appledorn, Carson Van Skiver
2022 – Susan Dowling, Rebecca Kowalczyk, Liam Maloney, Eric Shen
2023 – Sarak Kreitman, Max Mancini, Jessica Dillon, James Brynn

Community Support and Communication Award

Presented to a Mechanical Engineering student who has demonstrated exceptional support for the Mechanical Engineering community under pandemic conditions.

2021 – Paola Rioja, Kevin Wen

Mechanical Engineering Spirit Award

Presented to a Senior in Mechanical Engineering who has demonstrated significant leadership skills, strong interpersonal skills and a dedication to engineering.

2019 – Allison Zweng, Joe Chen
2020 – Yuanzhen Fan, Paola Rioja, Erica Pinto
2021 – Peter Wacnik, Susan Dowling
2022 – Khalif Adegeye, Phyllis, Alinsao, Larissa Wermers
2023 – Colton Barry, Hunter Gandee

S. Jack Hu Family and Friends Undergraduate Research Award

Presented to one or more undergraduate Mechanical Engineering students to engage in research with faculty in Mechanical Engineering. The student(s) must demonstrate outstanding academic performance and a keen interest in research.

2021 – Junsik Eom, Hannah Faustyn, Hunter Gandee, and Vanya Lazarevic
2022 – Haotian Xie
2023 – Maureen Thomas

RISE Best Paper

This is awarded to the student with the best overall RISE project based on the quality of work for both the oral and written presentation during the ME Undergraduate Symposium (MEUS).


2018 – Marcos Cavallin
2019 – Jeremy Babinet
2020 – Radu Tolantan
2021 – Hunter Gandee, Nina Maklouf
2022 – John Yu


2019 – Tiantian Li
2020 – William White
2021 – Nicholas Chan
2022 – Alexander Netzley

Michigan Difference Student Leadership Resiliency Award

Recognizes an individual who has shown the ability to persevere through difficult situations, effectively adapt to challenges, and employ strategies to recover from setbacks.

2022 – Khalif Adegeye