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2010 Grad Symposium Winners


Congratulations to the 2010 Engineering Graduate Symposium Award Recipients from the Mechanical Engineering Department:

II. Symposium Theme Award

1st: Chiao-Ting Li, ME, “Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Charging Control on the Electricity Grid”
2nd: Daniel Opila, ME, “Wind farm reactive support and voltage control”

III. Technical Session Award

Design, Manufacturing, Automotive, and Marine Engineering

1st: WonHee Kim, ME, “A design method for shape memory alloy actuators accounting for cyclic shakedown with constrained allowable strain”

MEMS and Microfluidics

2nd: Sameh Tawfick, ME, “Design and fabrication of 3D carbon nanotube microarchitectures”

Thermodynamics, Fluids, Vibrations, and Acoustics

1st: Janardhan Kodavasal, ME, “An Energy-Based Multi-Zone Combustion Model for PCI simulation”
2nd: Mehdi Abarham, ME, “Experimental Investigations of Nano-particulate Deposition in Turbulent Channel Flows”