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ME Research is Playing a part in Paving the Way for Autonomous Vehicles


Collaboration is key when heading down the path of change, especially when the path includes autonomous vehicles. Recent trends show, Southeast Michigan as a whole, down to our very own ME Department, and all those in-between, lending their ideas and innovations to autonomous driving. It can be seen as multiple startups begin to call southeast Michigan home, the education of these new technologies at U-M and the research done by U-M faculty.

A driverless future may not be as far away as expected, with research in overdrive, all aspects of this technology are being examined. Faculty at ME are contributing research such as Assistant Professor Gabor Orosz and his findings on how automated vehicle transitions can increase energy efficiency. Assistant professor and co-leader of the U-M/Ford Center for Autonomous Vehicles, Ram Vasudevan and colleague and co-leader Matthew Johnson-Roberson, associate professor of naval architecture and marine engineering are working to streamline the process of autonomous vehicle perception software.

Read the full feature, “On-Ramp to a Driverless Future,” for more on how southeast Michigan is leading the way on transforming the industry.



Faculty featured in this story