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New ME Administrative Structure for Winter 2002 Semester


With the start of the Winter 2002 semester, newly appointed Department Chair, Professor Dennis Assanis, has announced various administrative structure changes and appointments.

* Professors Noel Perkins and Volker Sick, currently serving as Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Programs, respectively, will continue to serve until the summer 2002. Professor Perkins will be in charge of coordinating the undergraduate and graduate programs and prepare the teaching schedule, in addition to his other current responsibilities.

* The new position of Director of Laboratories will be responsible to coordinate and balance all laboratory space usage and allocation for instructional and research laboratories, to oversee laboratory safety issues, and to supervise all technical staff. Professor Arvind Atreya has accepted this position for the next two years.

* Professor Deba Dutta has been appointed Associate Chair. His responsibilities will be to work closely with the Graduate and Undergraduate Program Directors, the Directors of various College-wide interdisciplinary programs and the Center for Professional Development.

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