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Professor Bogdan Epureanu honored with Arthur F. Thurnau Professorship


Professor Bogdan Epureanu honored with Arthur F. Thurnau Professorship

This semester the Board of Regents approved the announcement of six faculty members to receive the Arthur F. Thurnau Professorship. This professorship requires the honorees to have a strong commitment to students, the teaching and learning experience, having a demonstrable impact on students development, and an overall outstanding contribution to undergraduate education. Six professors were honored this year, one being Professor Bogdan Epureanu, professor of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering and computer science. Epureanu is also director of the Automotive Research Center.

Epureanu is recognized for many advancements, such as his teaching of “Introduction to Dynamics and Vibrations.” This required course has helped bridge the gap between mathematically complex concepts and lasting understandings of how to apply those concepts. Within the past 17 years, over 1,200 sophomores have taken this course and reported more enthusiasm because of Epureanu’s teaching style. 

We congratulate Professor Epureanu for this honor.

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