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Volker Sick featured on Climate 21 Podcast


Prof. Volker Sick discusses carbon dioxide with global influencer Tom Raftery on his Climate 21 podcast.  Sick explains that, rather than regarding atmospheric carbon dioxide as an enemy, it makes more sense to treat it as a valuable resource which can be used to make products.  “What is one person’s waste is someone else’s raw material.” 

Sick describes the promise of harvesting captured carbon dioxide to produce products, as well as the problems that still need to be addressed, including the rate at which these processes need to happen.

“We had 200 plus years to create the situation. We have less than 100, nearly 50 to actually fix it. The problem is daunting, but we do have solutions that will work. And we will need to see that they actually get further developed and deployed.  So yes, I am and will remain optimistic.”

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