Mechanical Engineering Seminar Series

Seminar Series: Winter 2017

Date Room Speaker Name Institution Abstract Title
1200 EECS Mark Campbell Cornell University

Perceving Complex Scenes for Autonomous Driving

1200 EECS Kristin Myers Columbia University The Mechanical Environment of Pregnancy
1200 EECS Hope Michelsen Sandia National Laboratories

The Intriguing Mystrery of Soot Formation: Developing the Tools to Solve It

1200 EECS Jeff Eldredge UCLA

Low-Order Modeling of Agile Flight

1200 EECS Catalin Picu Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Mechanics of random fibrous materials

1200 EECS Raziel Riemer Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Biomechanical energy Harvesting From Human Motion: Theory, Design and Results

1200 EECS John Rogers Northwestern University

Mechanically Assembled 3D Micro/nanostructures: Applications in Biointegrated Electronics

1200 EECS Wiliam King University of Illinois

Digital Manufacturing

1200 EECS Roger Kamm MIT

Microvascular networks in microfluidic systems and their role in modeling metastatic cancer

Seminar Series: Fall 2016

Date Room Speaker Name Institution Abstract Title
2505 GGB Tresa Pollock University of California Santa Barbara

Rapid Acquistion of 3D Data at the Mesoscale for Property Modeling in Structural and Functional Materials

1200 EECS Jaal Ghandhi University of Wisconsin

Some observations about knock in spark ignition engines

1200 EECS Andreas Polycarpou Texas A&M University

Tribology of thin films for next generation material systems including extreme high temperature conditions

1200 EECS Muhammad Ashar Alam Purdue University

On Flexible electronics, Percolation Doping, and the Limits of Ohm's Law

1018 HH Dow Michael Wehner Harvard University

Toward Autonomy, a Design and Fabrication Strategy for Completely Soft Robots

1200 EECS Jeff Wolfenstine Army Research Lab

LiLa3Zr2012 solid electrolytes and LiCoPO4 cathodes for use high Energy Batteries

1200 EECS Larry Howell Brigham Young University

Origami and Engineering? Surprising Opportunities for Mechanisms with Unprecedented Performance

1200 EECS Yong Chen University of California, Los Angeles

Carbon Nanotube Neuromorphic Network

1200 EECS Chris Dames University of California, Berkeley

Thermal Boundary Conductance and Some Unconventional Thermal Metrologies

1200 EECS SongWoo Nam University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Folded and Crumpled Two-Dimensional Materials-Where Shape Enables New Functions