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Shih Wins Manufacturing Research Medal


Albert Shih

Albert Shih, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, has been awarded the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ Milton C. Shaw Manufacturing Research Medal.

The medal, given by the ASME’s Committee on Honors, was recently founded in 2009. It is reserved for those engineers who have had a significant impact on the science and technology of manufacturing. Shih’s contribution to the field is defined by his research and the resulting leading role he has taken in grinding and biomedical manufacturing technology.

Shih’s research focuses on enabling superabrasive grinding high-volume production in the industry. From here, Shih has used his research to improve upon medical technology by applying it to the design of advanced medical devices and healthcare operations.

In addition to teaching at the University, Shih is also the Director of the Global Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering and Associate Chair of Integrative Systems + Design.  His collaborative research work includes the 3D printing of custom orthoses and prostheses, clinical simulators, ultrasound and bioimpedance for non-invasive diagnosis, bio-heat transfer in clinical procedures, aging society related assistive device design and manufacturing, and advanced needle and needle devices.  Much of his research has translated into impacts in healthcare and industry. 

Shih is a fellow of both ASME and SME.

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