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Beyond RISE

RISE projects do not have to stop at the end of the semester. Many RISE participants have continued their work and accomplished great things! Here is a showcase of RISE projects that have extended beyond the course.


Arianna Carley

Instructor: Karl Grosh
RISE Fall 2016
“Scent Release Mechanism” 


Shih-cheng Chu "3D-printed Self-Locking Origami Metamaterials with Piecewise Stiffness""3D-printed Self-Locking Origami Metamaterials with Piecewise Stiffness"

Instructor: Kon-Well Wang 
RISE Winter 2017
“3D-printed Self-Locking Origami Metamaterials with Piecewise Stiffness”

“RISE helped me to connect easily with faculty mentors that aided me throughout my academic career far beyond RISE.”




Benjamin EuBenjamin Eu

Instructor: Ram Vasudevan 
RISE Winter 2017
“Non-Linear Control System for Lightweight and Portable Transportation Device” led to luggage transportation start-up






Eric Harding 

Instructor: Kenn Oldham 
RISE Fall 2015
“Modeling Motion of Micro-Mirrors Used in Medical Endoscopes”


Rubik's Cube

Kelsey Hockstad, Daniel Hiemstra, Martin Harris, Jason Hoving, Ryan Kuhn, Douglas Nordman 

Instructor: Noel Perkins
RISE Winter 2015-Winter 2017 
“Mechanical Art: Giant Rubik’s Cube”


Joseph Jang 

Instructor: David Remy  
RISE Winter 2015
“Development of 2nd Generation Foambot”



Jessica Lipa  

Instructor: David Dowling 
RISE Winter 2017
“Measurement of the Theorized Frequency-Difference Autoproduct Field” led to publication in ASA Journal





Laura Murphy

Instructor: Shanna Daly 
RISE Fall 2016
“Utility of Design Heuristics in Novice Designer Idea Generation” 

David Peyer Cell Phone Based Miniatrue Coagulation Monitoring Platform David Peyer Lab

Instructor: Jianping Fu 
RISE Fall 2015-Winter 2016 
“Cell Phone Based Miniaturized Coagulation Monitoring Platform for Point-of-Care Diagnosis” 

“The RISE program opened an incredible number of doors for me. Not only did it provide a fascinating project that I could call my own, but Dr. Fu took me on and was an exceptional mentor throughout my time at Michigan. We have continued to stay in touch after I graduated and he’s provided valuable guidance and recommendations during my career. I am now working at Zimmer-Biomet designing spinal implants, and I largely credit this project for that opportunity because, during my interview, I was able to talk about my previous medical device design experience through RISE.”

Bianca Pillarella 

Instructor: Kathleen Sienko 
RISE Winter 2015
“Treating Primary Postpartum Hemorrhage in Low Resource Settings”- Culture of Medicine Club

Clark Teeple 

Instructor: Kenn Oldham 
RISE Winter 2016
“3D Printing for Prototypes of Thin-Film PZT/Polymer Microrobots” led to publication in ASME journal

“I feel strongly that my involvement in RISE has contributed directly to my success in academia. The program enabled me to explore research in the area of robotics, a field I was relatively unfamiliar with at the time (and now the area in which I am pursuing a PhD). On top of technical exposure, RISE also enabled meaningful professional relationships with my faculty adviser and grad students, and provided opportunities to sharpen my technical communication skills through reports and presentations. I would absolutely recommend the program to anyone who is interested in research or an academic career path.”

Photo 1Photo 2

Jennifer Wenger 

Instructor: Shanna Daly  
RISE Winter 2016
“Category Coding and Paradigm Relatedness in Engineering Design”- ASEE Conference

Maxwell Wu  

Instructor: Kira Barton 
RISE Winter 2017
“CFD Modeling of Electrohydrodynamic Jet Printing”

“The RISE program helped to foster my interest in research and served as an invaluable stepping stone towards advancing my abilities as an engineer. The program gave me the opportunity to create personal research goals, develop presentation and technical writing experience, and apply concepts from the classroom towards real-world problems. The skills I developed through the RISE program continue to play a pivotal role in my work today.”

William Yang 

Instructor: David Remy 
RISE Winter 2017
“Investigation into the energetic effects of various spinal morphologies in quadrupedal robots” led to publication in IOP Science