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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you find a RISE project?

A: Check out the ME Research page, talk to ME faculty members, GSI’s or other mentors to see if they are working on any current projects that you may be interested in.

You can reach out directly via email as well. We recommend putting together a couple of paragraphs about who you are and why you would be a good fit for the lab, as well as asking if they might be able to schedule a discussion about opportunities. We would encourage you to include a resume as well, and tailor the message to the faculty.

Each semester a RISE project interest form is sent out to all undergraduate ME students to collect student information on who may be interested in RISE and are still looking for a research project. The information is then forwarded onto the ME faculty. If they feel like you would be a good fit for their lab, they will reach out to you directly.

Q: How do I enroll in a RISE (independent study) course?

A: First, you will want to locate a professor who will supervise your project. To find a professor who is completing research in an area you’re interested in, check out the Research section of the ME website. 

Once you have identified a professor, it is suggested that you email and/or visit their office hours to discuss the possibility of completing a RISE Project with them. Upon their agreement to oversee your RISE experience, the student should complete two steps: 

  • The student is required to register for the appropriate section of RISE (290, 390 or 490) on Wolverine Access before submitting their proposal. Register for the section of the faculty you are working with. If the faculty does not already have a section in the system please email [email protected] for assistance.
  • Submit a proposal on the Student Workspace using the RISE link by the deadline listed on the Key Dates page.

Please note: Submitting your proposal does NOT automatically register you for the class. You must complete the requirement as outlined on the RISE Requirements page.

Q: How will I be graded for my RISE project?

A: You will establish the grading metrics for your RISE course through your individual contribution and educational outcomes outlined in your project proposal that you submit through the RISE Student Workspace.

Students collaborate with their project mentor or faculty advisor to complete the proposal description and project logistics.

Q: Who will be submitting the final grade for RISE X90?

A: Your final grade for RISE will be submitted by the ME faculty in which you are registered under for your X90 course. It is important that you register for the correct section of X90 in order for your professor to submit your final grade on time. If you noticed that you are not registered under the correct X90 section, please email [email protected]

Q: Where do you submit your final paper/poster/presentation?

A: You will submit your final deliverable to the RISE Student Workspace

Q: What is the dress code for MEUS?

A: Students will want to dress in business casual attire to present their research at the ME Undergraduate Symposium. 

Q: Will I be doing a poster or a PowerPoint presentation? How long should it be?

A: All ME 290, 390 and 490 students must submit an abstract. Students enrolled in ME 290 and ME 390 will be required to present a physical poster. Students enrolled in ME 490 are required to present a slidedeck presentation as well as submit a conference paper.

Size, length, format, scope of the deliverables, and presentation tips can all be found on the Author Guidelines page. Workshops are also hosted throughout the semester to assist in the construction and presentation of the deliverables.

Q: When will I find out when I present?

A: The symposium schedule will be created and sent out to RISE students several weeks prior to the ME Undergraduate Symposium. The schedule is created based on the content matter of the research project and the student’s registered class schedule. It will also be published to the RISE ME Undergraduate Symposium website.

Please note: We do our best to avoid scheduling conflicts with X50 design project presentations, which is the schedule is sent out 1-2 months in advance. Please be sure to check the schedule when it is sent to you and email [email protected] asap if there is a time conflict.

Q: If I have IP constraints, can I share my work with others (for example, if doing a peer review)? What about during MEUS?

A: If your RISE project has Intellectual Property constraints you are still allowed to receive feedback on your deliverables from our MEUS team including Tech Com. and it will not violate any IP restrictions.

Students who have IP restricted projects will be sent a sign up sheet to be able to schedule an individual presentation between the Undergraduate Chair, your faculty advisor, and yourself. These individual presentation sessions are usually the Monday or Tuesday after the ME Undergraduate Symposium.