Eleni Gourgou

Eleni Gourgou
Assistant Research Scientist, Mechanical Engineering


GGB (George G. Brown Laboratory)

2350 Hayward 
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2125

(734) 936-2423

Research Interests

I. Cell physiology of micro-interference & technology inspired approach of cell physiology : use of nanoparticles to interrogate physiological systems, neurophysiology by the use of microfluidics, neuronal function under stress, cell physiology under stress.

II. Non-linear dynamics in biological systems of various scales: neuronal circuits and axonal transport dynamics, modeling of calcium dynamics, small model organisms' manipulation.

III. Memory and learning in invertebrate model organisms.

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The Willie Hobbs Moore Awards recognizes individuals in STEM whose achievements encourage and inspire others to achieve their goals. 

Her proposal is titled “Deciphering aging-driven cognitive decline in C. elegans spatial memory and learning through an interdisciplinary approach”.